“Christy is an outstanding Engineering Director. Her ability to motivate and lead teams is one of the core reasons the Hobbyist line of Adobe applications has the success it does today. She is very open, honest and truly appreciates the different disciplines that make up a product team, and her willingness to consider new things and look past the code makes her incredibly unique.”

– Development manager, Adobe Systems

“As a Designer, I find Christy to be a partner, not the opposition, as she understands the value of Design, and how to realize it through the code. I highly recommend her to any firm that is interested in real engineering leadership and development.”

– Steve Johnson, VP, User Experience at LinkedIn

“Finally, somebody who really knows and lives the SDLC! This is refreshing! She provided a clear strategy on how QA and good tools can reduce the bug/fix process in developing new products and enhancements which will get us to market faster! My stock will go up!”

– QA manager, Move, Inc.

“I find Christy to be a very skilled people leader and has the ability to provide clear and meaningful coaching and mentoring to less experienced managers. Her communication style is patient and thoughtful and she prepares thoroughly when she anticipates a difficult conversation. She has solid sensibilities about the skill level of managers and has been proactive in managing to both their strengths and weaknesses.”

– Director of Engineering, Move Inc.

“Christy can see the big picture and future state. This is demonstrated in the organizational design work, and also the newly emerging architectural roadmaps for the function she leads.”

– VP of IT, Move Inc.

“It is clear to all that Christy is a leader. She leads not through might and fear, but through understanding and strategy. It seems to me that she is a ‘natural leader’ – people follow her willingly because she merits being followed. When you lead with this kind of authority, you get more done, faster, and at a higher quality level.
Another strength is her analytic skills when approaching any problem, both in her domain and others. She is one of my main “go to” people when I get an idea or have a problem. I’ll describe what I’m thinking or wrestling with, and I value her advice and problem solving skills. She demonstrates this skill in meetings too. She engages the conversation at a deep level, not just reasoning about the surface problem, but also thinking through the ramifications of the decisions we’re contemplating. Occasionally, it is her ‘mental adoption’ of a solution that exposes a roadblock, and she then steers the conversation to the team can see it, and the group can then choose another course. Many examples of this occurred in our strategic product meetings, where she considered the impact to many teams. It led us to think deeply about them and in more than once case, caused us to reject the project because the burden outweighed the benefit at the time.”

– Senior VP of Product, Move, Inc.

“Christy proactively communicates, watches the details, and is always positive. It was a great professional relationship and would work with her again with seconds notice!”

– Ellen Feahenny, CEO of App Fushions

“I have known Christy as a colleague for almost twenty years. I have ALWAYS thought she is gifted in coaching. More gifted than many coaches out there who spend hours training and getting certified to be a coach. I felt this way long before she embarked on her more advanced managerial and executive coaching career. She has always had a natural talent for understanding (analyzing) people and situations very quickly and with a surprising degree of depth. The training and experience she’s gotten in the past years has only strengthened her natural talent.”

– Colleague in Graduate School and later a direct report at Blend Media, Inc. Feedback provided Jan 2014

“Christy coached me through a stressful period where I was preparing to move in to a new role at a large medical devices company. They hired a high end talent finding organization called Gallup to screen potential hires. It was an intimidating process and Christy prepared me to successfully navigate an arduous off line interview process. She was very skilled in understanding the underlying goal of the questions, even when it was not at all obvious to the average reader. She helped me craft answers that were authentic and true to my own values, but also considered where the employer was coming from. She is operating at a level that allows her to jump in and add value, even without a lot of background in my field. Her perspective opened my eyes and gave me new insights in to the process as well as myself. It is an art to read people and situations the way she does, she did a great job! With her help, I completely nailed the interview process (words of the recruiter, and apparently that is rare). As a result, I am now happily employed at a company that truly fits my values.”

– Lani Faulkner, Nov 2013

“Christy helped me during a transition in my career from personal development for youth into embarking on a more corporate team building application of my skills.  Her coaching was invaluable and a significant factor in how I was able to make such a positive transition. She helped me gain clarity on my talents, and furthermore, how to best represent them effectively to others.  She gave me many practical tips for influencing key decision makers, quantifying my past contributions, and ultimately projecting the image I needed to succeed.  I got to the next step in my transition with an offer to do a trial work session with the company I was targeting.  Christy is quite skilled in jumping in, asking the right questions and adding immediate value to the task at hand. I came out feeling much more able and confident in securing the career that I wanted.”

– Nick Munro Turner, August 2013