Our passion and expertise lie in helping organizations successfully implement new initiatives, training, or strategies. We take new concepts being introduced to teams and help them successfully integrate the concepts in to the culture and everyday life of the company through coaching individuals and teams on how to apply the concepts successfully in their world. We have a passion for helping with change management, driving adoption, and cementing learning through coaching and creative application.

We see companies spend large amounts of money on training, or in making cultural change, only to see it fizzle out, lose traction, and not get the results they intended. Marrying the conceptual vision of your leadership team with follow up coaching that focuses on creative, hands-on application of the concepts or values ensures that the training is turned into dollars well spent, and that you get the results you are looking for. Helping your teams implement your vision is an art and one that speaks to a core strength for our management coaching practice.
Examples of areas in which we have successfully helped teams integrate new concepts:

  • Increasing quality and speed of output by moving to more customer-focused development processes and team structure.
  • Providing root cause analysis and solutions for issues surrounding people, process, and teams. Often significant time is wasted because only the superficial or immediate problems are addressed. When you train teams to identify the root cause and solve the underlying issues, you save huge amounts of time in the long run, and greatly increase overall productivity.
  • Improving overall quality of decision making in the organization by applying effective decision making models.
  • Moving to a matrix or distributed management model.
  • How to scale without losing speed, product quality, or quality of the talent on your teams. Smart growth is critical for companies wanting to grow 2 to 10 fold in size, and managers often need coaching to get there. Smart growth skills include but are not limited to raising the performance bar, putting the right people in the right roles, maintaining 360 communication, thinking through org design, and crafting process improvements that move the needle.

Our services include individual management coaching, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Influencing and partnering across organizational boundaries
  • The art of delegation and empowering teams
  • Advanced performance management
  • Implementation of effective decision making models
  • Motivating and managing distributed and international teams
  • Hiring, utilizing, and retaining your top talent
  • Managing up versus down (effective 360 communication)
  • Managing versus leading and thinking strategically
  • Career path management